Currency: Norwegian Crowns. €1 = 9,5NOK

Cards accepted: everything I suppose

Average Daily Spend for Budget Travelers (everything incl, plane ticket to Norway not incl)*: I’m sorry to say this but even if you travel on a budget, you’ll still spend on average around 780NK (€80) per day…

Accomodation: Hostels. But they’re VERY expensive. The cheapes ones you can find are around 230NK (€24)

Transport: Busses, trains and flights. Every city has its own busstation, they’re always easy to find. You might find flights that are cheaper than busses. Everything is VERY expensive.

Safety: Norway is extremely safe.

Solo Female Travel? YES.

Highlights: the nature (mountains, forests, beach), Bergen, Stavanger.

I lived in Norway, check out my Norway posts here.

* I travel on a budget but I never do couchsurfing and barely do hitchhiking. If you do those things, you’ll pay way less obviously. However, my blog is about comfortable travel on a tight budget