Currency: Lempiras (L). €1 = 26L

Average Daily Spend for Budget Travelers (everything incl, also transport from Guatemala to Honduras)*: €22 (590L). Copan is quite cheap so the reason why we spent a bit more is because we went to Luna Jaguar Spa and to Macaw Mountain in Copan. Both aren’t cheap but well worth it. If you skip those things (which you won’t because that’s the reason why you come to Copan), you’d spend like €17 per day. Prices in Honduras are similar to Mexican prices. Which means; a lot cheaper than Guatemala. Only the attractions in Honduras are more expensive than the ones in Mexico.

Accomodation: Do you travel alone? A bed in a dorm will cost you around 175L (€6,5) per night. Are you 2 persons? You can find private rooms in hostels for 175L (€6,5) each.

Transport: Shuttles are going to Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. To go from Copan to Anigua, it will cost you around 590L (€22). The shuttles are a little more expensive than the ones in Guatemala. They all drive during the day. It’s too risky to drive at night. There’s also a boat going from Honduras to Belize (and the other way around).

Safety: ***I am obliged to tell you that together with El Salvador, Honduras is the most violent country in the world (outside war zones of course). Be aware that traveling to this country doesn’t come entirely without risks.*** However… stay on the tourist route and you’ll be fine, even as a woman alone. Avoid cities like San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa (especially as a solo female traveler!). To keep it simple, if you wanna stay safe, go to Copan and to the Bay islands. Take shuttles to get there, no public transport. Maybe try to avoid walking around alone at night if you’re a woman alone.

Solo Female Travel: Like I said in the above paragraph; yes but only if you go to Copan and the Bay islands, don’t go out at night and take official shuttles that drive during the day.

Highlights: Copan (Macaw Mountain, the ruins and the spa) and the Bay islands (I’ve only been to Copan but the Bay islands seem really beautiful)

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* I travel on a budget but I never do couchsurfing and barely do hitchhiking. I don’t use chicken busses either because I carry too many valuables currently. If you do those things, you’ll pay way less obviously. However, my blog is about comfortable and safe travel on a tight budget