Currency: Quetzal (GTQ). €1 = 8Q

Cards Accepted: Visa. Only Visa. No Mastercard, no Maestro (debit) (I have no experience with other credit/debit cards). You might have to contact your bank before you leave to unblock your cards. This is the case in Belgium, it might be different in your homecountry.

Average Daily Spend for Budget Travelers (everything incl, also transport from Mexico to Guatemala)*If you live very poorly like I described in this post, you should be able to get by on €17 per day.

Accomodation: A bed in a dorm room will cost you approx 60Q. If you’re 2, AirBnb is the best option. You can get a private room for 2 for about 120Q with shared kitchen and bathroom.

Transport: shuttles take you from one tourist destination to the other ones. It’s a little cheaper than Mexico but still not that cheap… If you want REAL cheap, you can take a chickenbus. However, if you’re not fluent in Spanish and you have a lot of luggage, DON’T do it.

Safety: If you follow the tourist route, you’ll be safe. However, if you go off the beaten path it might not be that safe. Guatemala is a very poor country. A big percentage of the population lives in extreme poverty. Guatemala City is a no go (only go there if you have to take a bus). Guatemala City is home to dangerous street gangs, the same gangs as the ones in El Salvador and Honduras. Border areas can be a little dangerous too.

Solo Female Travel? YES. But only if you follow the travellers route and if you speak at least a bit of Spanish.

Highlights: Lago de Atitlan.

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* I travel on a budget but I never do couchsurfing and barely do hitchhiking. If you do those things, you’ll pay way less obviously. However, my blog is about comfortable travel on a tight budget