Currency: € obviously

Cards Accepted: All of them I suppose

Average Daily Spend for Budget Travelers (everything incl, plane ticket to Belgium not incl)*Must be around €70 per day.

Accomodation: Hostels are the cheapest option. Expect to pay around €21 for a bed in a dorm room.

Transport: Train to go from city to city. Bus for transport in the city itself. Traintickets aren’t that expensive. Bustickets are expensive.

Safety: Belgium is safe. However, try to avoid walking alone (as a woman especially) at night. Antwerp, Brussels and Charlerois are especially dangerous at night. Even if you’re a man, try to avoid doing this.

Solo Female Travel? YES. Just don’t walk alone (or with 1 or 2 other girls) at night.

Highlights: Bruges, Ghent, Dinant

Belgium is my homecountry, check out my posts on Belgium here

* I travel on a budget but I never do couchsurfing and barely do hitchhiking. If you do those things, you’ll pay way less obviously. However, my blog is about comfortable travel on a tight budget