“Vi todos los espejos del planeta y ninguno me reflejó.”

– Jorge Luis Borges, ‘El א’ 


Belgian – 21 – distance college student – in love with art, literature, ancient history and nature …and my boyfriend of course.

I’m extremely honest and not scared to write my opinion (even if it’s quite negative) on (popular) destinations. I’m a bit of an angry person and have very strong opinions about certain things (like travelers who don’t know sh*t about human rights and yoga retreats in India). I like controversial stuff and I love discussions and learning.

Besides that, I am very sweet, understanding and open minded.


As I currently live in Mexico, most of my posts will be about this country.

I often find myself exploring off the beaten path locations. Not because I want to be original but because crowds make me sick (like, actually sick). I write almost exclusively about off the beaten path locations on my blog. Off the beaten path travel in my opinion means a)visiting non-touristy countries/cities and/or b) visiting non-popular places in popular cities. When I write about popular destinations, it’s because I have a strong opinion about this place that I wanna share it with the world.


Besides Mexico, I’ve been to Guatemala and a big part of Europe – including countries like Albania and Macedonia (when we were still the only foreigners in the now “popular” parts of these countries) – and I’ve lived in Stavanger (Norway) for one year with a lovely hostfamily thanks to AFS.


I was 6 months old when I traveled for the first time; a backpacking trip somewhere in France, thanks to my parents.

I look like a rich luxury traveler here but the entrance fee to this park (Las Grutas de Tolantongo in Mexico) was cheaper than a frappuccino from Starbucks.

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