My Opinion on Mexico’s Famous Magic Mushroom Town and How It REALLY Is Like.


This is San Jose del Pacifico. A tiny village in the Sierra Madre del Sur in Oaxaca. Well known for its magic mushrooms and other… you know what I mean.
The nature is stunning (especially if you go out of town) and there’s an incredibly cute cat in one of the hostels but that’s it really. There’s not really anything to do there and the internet connection is sh*t.
There’s also a sh*tload of so called “hippies”, you know, the ones with those clothes that look like they come out of the garbage but in fact they buy them in stores where you easily pay €80 for a pair of pants that look like you’ve taken a sh*t in them, who walk around barefoot and pretend to be very poor but they all own an Apple laptop and headphones that cost as much as rent for an apartment in the center of a Mexican city.


Other than that, there’s also plenty of sweatlodges – “temazcal” in Nahuatl language – owned by people from all over the world (yes, even Belgians) who claim to be shamans. But did you (and they) know that in order to become a shaman, you need to be educated since you were a lil child? It takes people YEARS to become a proper shaman. So if you wanna torture yourself by the heat, pls visit a temazcal of a native Mexican instead.
So, is San Jose worth it? Definitely (for the nature and the cat) but you’ll have to deal with a lot of bullsh*t.

Meet Mushi: Mexico’s most beautiful cat.

How to get there? Take a collectivo from city Oaxaca to San Jose for €7 (140 pesos), it takes about 3hrs to get there. Ask your hostel or ask around on the street.

Pro tips:

  • Take a pill agains car sickness. You won’t survive otherwise.
  • Unless you’re only staying for one or two nights and/or you have enough money, don’t go to the hostel on top of the mountain (I’m not gonna say any names) because they don’t have a kitchen and you have to pay to take a shower and to get internet.
  • Take warm clothes with you, it gets VERY COLD during the evenings and at night.


And last but not least; the owner of the hostel, a cute and innocent man, found a pregnancytest in the women’s bathroom and asked our roommate if she knew if “this pen” was still working because he tried to write with it but it didn’t work! I wonder why… 😀



  1. Haha love the ending with the pregnancy test. Too perfect. And love your honesty! I have actually never heard of this place but I don’t know much about Mexico to be honest. Looks pretty but sound boring.


  2. Ugh, my pants look like from a trashcan too but they certainly didn´t cost me 80 pounds 😀 Now can I have my iphone? 😀


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