Underground Witchcraft Market in Mexico City

No pictures. Taking pictures in places like this is not recommended.

Curisoty killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. In my case it’s a little different, my curiosity might kill me one day and there is nothing that can bring me back to the world of the living. At least, there’s nothing legal that can bring me back to life if this would ever lead to my death. So maybe, if I search well, I might find something in the underworld of Mexico City.


22/10/’16 Mexico City


Somebody had told me once about a witchcraft market, called el mercado Sonora, in Mexico City. At the time, I didn’t really pay attention to it because I had so many other things to do like eating tortas and tamales with hot chocolate. But now that I finally came back to my beloved Mexico City, I decided to give it a try and see how a witchcraft market really looks like.

Back then I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

I talked about it with some of the guys in the hostel and they all agreed to come with me. And so we left for Sonora, on a quest to potions and brujas.

After walking around for a while, we got a little disappointed. Yes, there were herbs, tarot cards, animal hides, dead animals and creepy statues of Santa Muerte but it was too innocent, too…normal. We wanted more and we knew there was more, we just didn’t know where.


All of a sudden one of the guys noticed a sketchy looking alley. It looked like the perfect place to do things illegally without running the risk to get caught. It seemed like nobody saw the alley. It seemed like it didn’t exist.

We were 5 and 3 of us (not me) decided to go in and have a look. The Brazilian and I waited outside, just in case. We waited and waited and waited but they didn’t return. We were getting nervous but decided to go in to see it ourselves. As we walked in the little alley, the atmosphere completely changed, it was too quiet, the noisy Sonora seemed like kilometres away. The alley wasn’t just an average narrow street, it was an alley through a slum. It was dark and there was a weird smell, houses were partly constructed out of cardboard and there were people laying on the ground without
moving. I didn’t even see them breathing. It freaked us out and we decided to leave, go back to our safe (?) spot outside of the alley and wait for the others to return. After another 10 minutes, they finally came back. “Walk away, fast!”  so we left, trying to get away from this place as fast as we could. Every now and then we looked behind us to see if we weren’t being followed but no, everything seemed to be okay and nobody put a spell on us (I hope).


The guys told us that this was the real Sonora, the real witchcraft market, no bullsh*t like the public Sonora market. Magic in Mexico isn’t something unusual, many people believe in it in some way or another. Everyone knows about witches, shapeshifters etc in the country. Everyone knows this, and those things, those people they are there.

ADVICE: Do not go there, those people obviously didn’t want us there. Even for a local who has no connections to those people it is not recommended going there. We were very lucky that nothing happened but things could’ve gone wrong very easily. Don’t do what I did, don’t go there. Mexico City is an amazing city, there is no need to go and look for danger.



  1. Ugh I literally just went to mercado sonora the other week and HATED IT. I did not feel safe even there, knowing full well it was one of those tourist trap ‘witchcraft’ places that isn’t actually anything. Did you go to the animal section?! It was horrible. Don’t even want to think what was going on in her place you went place you went. You’ve inspired me to write up my piece on mercado sonora finally though! Thanks 🙂


    • Did you go there on your own?? I was there with 4 guys and didn’t feel safe either… I never wanna go back there. I saw a section where they sold animal hides and taxidermy – not very nice to see… – I don’t know if that’s the section you mean?
      You should definitely write something about Sonora too! I’d like to read it when it’s finished. 🙂

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  2. To be quite honest, where you went is all there for the tourist, the intrigued that are not really in the know and looking for a thrill or good story. Anyone that is going to practice anything mentioned above isn’t going to advertise like that or set up anywhere anyone is going to go looking to see what everyone is talking about. Folks that practice anything do so discreetly, or entirely under your nose. People know who does, people know how to find them, and they know where to go and what to say to secure their help.


    • Hi Sophia, the original place where we went was, indeed, for tourists. It was public, you can find infomation about this on the internet (probably even in the Lonely Planet) etc. So I totally agree with you. However, this place that we found was not advertised whatsoever. It was pretty much hidden and it took the guys like 10 minutes of walking through this little alley to get to those people. They didn’t want them there, were very suspicious and when the guys asked questions, they didn’t wanna answer. They were forced to leave.
      Mexico is full of things like this for tourists but I truly believe that this place wasn’t. Thanks for you comment!


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